Health and Hygiene


To improve behavior through useful practices conducted to personal, water, food, domestic and public hygiene.


  1. To keep your body healthy and the space you live and work in clean and germ free.
  2. To help prevent spreading germs to other people and prevent illness.
  3. To maintain norms of good health.
  4. To take curative measures.
  5. To develop and promote mental and emotional health.
  6. To develop a sense of civic responsibility among pupils.


Health education plays an important role in the community hygiene. To prevent illness and have positive health attitude, correct and complete knowledge of health is necessary. Health is cleanliness and cleanliness is one of the main defenses against diseases whether contagious or self generated. In this session we will discuss the actual meaning of health and hygiene, so that the aim of good health can be achieved through sanitary habit and healthy way of living.


Our school organized a session on health and hygiene. Program was started with auspicious lamp lightning ceremonty and Sarswati pujan. Our music teacher presented sarswati vandana. Our respected principal felicitated our honorable Guest. Madhushree mam was the anchor of the program. She introduced our guest Miss. Farhin Rsfique Khan. She completed her education in M.Pharm. She shared with students how to keep themselves healthy by following some hygienic habit. She also shared information about Dengue and swineflue with student. She showed slides about causes and symptoms of dengue and swineflue and how to prevent themselves with these diseases. Student promised doctor to keep themselves healthy by following hygienic habits. The session ended with vote of thanks presented by Madhushree mam.

Health Awareness
By Ayurveda


Preservation of health of healthy people and help them attain the four principles of life.


  1. To get relief from the misery of sufferings

  2. To attainment of salvation through liberation and god consciousness.

  3. To protect health and cure disease.


Ayurveda is a traditional scientific culture. It is unique way of healthy living and peaceful life in all situations. In Ayurveda for the treating the disease as an entity two broad regimens are classified. Panchkarma is one of them. It helps to remove the root of the disease. It also helps to detoxification .It cleans out the Doshas at regular intervals. After detoxification ayurvedic medicine absorbs better and is more effective plus the entire process improves quality of life.


The session is started with lamplightinig and Sarswati pujan by the guest and our principal mam. Mrs. Uma Kulkarni is the anchor for this program. She gives the introduction of the guest. Dr. is expert in Ayurveda and Panchkama chikitsa. Then our guest gives some information about ayurveda. He did diagnosis of our teachers and gave some advices. Then Dr. did one experiment of jalnaiti. He drink water from the nose it is very helpful in sinus problem. Then he heard the problem of student and shared some valuable information with the students regarding health and diet.

Youth Day and
Jijamata Jayanti


To encourage and inspire the youth of the country to embark on successful journey.


  1. To inspire the students to channelize their powers towards the development of the nation.
  2. To create awareness among the students in the various aspect of the health education technology and develop the quality of spiritualism among the students
  3. To buildup the good character and true citizenship among the students.
  4. To motivate students for working for fulfillment of basic needs of people .
  5. To spread knowledge and the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda.


The Birthday of the great philosopher Swami Vivekananda was celebrated as the National Youth Day in India. Every year 12th January is dedicated to Swami Vivekananda who strived hard towards national building and who’s teaching were a foremost motivation to many national leaders. His philosophy and teaching has said to motivate many great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash chandra Bose and many more. Government of India is celebrating 12th January as “ National Youth Day “ from 1984. His work and knowledge is an ideal inspiration for the youth to achieve greater things in life.

Swami Vivekanad always beloved in the power and the dreams of the youth and he wanted every youth of the country to encourage and nourish the historical culture of the nation to motivate our children with Ideas of swamiji.


In our school we celebrate national youth day on 12 January in the morning assembly we started the program giving tribute Jijamata and having our lamp lightening ceremony by our principal. Then Mrs.Arpita Kasture, teacher of our school shared her views about national youth day and some thought of Swamiji with student. Vaishali mam shared her views about Jijamata. From class VII Manasi Pradhan played role of Jijamata and Yogesh Paul of class V plays role of Swamiji and shared some thought of him.

On the occasion of youth day student of our school did 3892 suryanamskar (Sun salutation) under instruction of our sport teacher Sangeeta mam. Students were very happy and got encouraged after hearing the speech. The motive of celebrating youth day was to teach and aware students about moral culture and spiritual value of human lives.

Sports Day(2015-16)


1 .To develop the spirit of the sportsmanship.

2. To derive a lot of pleasure by playing games.

3. To inculcates the quality of team spirit in students.

4. To learn the qualities of leadership and working untidily.


Sports days, sometimes referred to as field days, are events staged by many schools in which students take part in competitive sports activities, often with the aim of winning trophies or prizes. There is a great importance of games and sports for the students. The sports teach discipline to the students. The sports are very essential for the students.

This year for our annual sports day preparations started much in advance. There is a big gathering on that day on the school ground. The parents of the students were also invited to attend the sports event.

The sports day started at 8:30 a.m. with a memorable and colourful ceremony. First of all the chief guest Ms Jalaja Shirode and guest of honour Ms Sneha Bhat enlighten the lamp and started the function which is followed by torch relay by all the house captains. Then the chief guest released the pigeon as a symbol of Pease, purity and softness to the world and giving freedom to animals and birds.

After this there was a march past by the students in their beautiful smart dresses which was representing the colour of their house red, green, yellow or blue. After the march past the chief guest declared open the sports meet and the little athletes of the school taken the oath.

Now it was time to show human pyramids by boys and girls which is followed by a melodious sports song. Then students presented karate demo in assistance of Karate teacher Miss Snehal.

In schools which use a house system a feature of the school is the competition between the houses; this is especially brought out during sporting events such as an inter-house sports day. In JPS also students are segregated into houses, all the four houses presented their demo theme dance and act.


1. Bhagat Singh House (Red House): Save Tigers

2.(Blue House): Save Water

3.(Green House):National Symbols

4.(Yellow House):Sports for All.

The Sports Event:

Class-1: Running Race

Class-2: Book Balancing Race

Class-3: Tapping The Ball

Class-4: Skipping and Running

Class-5: Three Legged Race

Class-6: Hopping

Class-7: Running with Hurdles

The spectators continuously cheered the participants. It was also quite interesting in fact the sports day was a very wonderful day. We all enjoyed immensely the various events. At the end the prize distribution function was held. The chief guest gave away the prizes to the winners. He also congratulated the prize winners and gave a brief speech. Then our principal gave a small speech to thank the chief guest for attending our sports day.Thus ended the sports day of our school.

Health Check up


The aim is to help students to attain and maintain an optimum health status so that they may receive maximum benefit from their educational experiences.


  1. To integrate the school health program with other health service delivery systems.
  2. To maintain a comprehensive health record system.
  3. To provide health counseling and instruction for students, parents and staff.
  4. To assess the health status of students.
  5. To identify health problems and develop and implement plans of action for students.


In our school health check up program was organized. For this health check up four lady doctors visited our school. They check height, weight, blood pressure of our student. They also shared some tips about hygiene and proper diet.

Student got many useful information regarding health and hygiene.

Self Protection
(Good touch and bad touch)


Our aim was to create awareness among the students about child molest ration happening around our society.


  1. To relive the distress of girls and boys to encourage to protest against sexual abuse and violence
  2. To educate and raise awareness of the sexual abuse and harassment.
  3. To develop personal response to child’s sexual abuse among the students.


Child’s sexual abuse is major problem in India. Large no of children in India are sexually abuse by known person like relative, neighbor, at school and in residence. It is important for us to keeping children safe from a risk to their lives and childhood.


Similarly in our school we organized a program for awareness in children about sexual abuse, exploitation, and harassment. So our school invited Mrs. Adv. Bandiste to share her views about good touch and bad touch with the students. She took two sessions of boys and girls separately. She showed a animated movie to student to make them aware about what are the sensitive part of our body which cannot be touched by unknown persons. She shared her view with students how to keep themselves safe. She also told that if any incident happens they should tell to mother or teacher immediately. This session was very helpful to students.

Doctors Day


Creating awareness about the roles, importance and responsibilities of doctor.


  1. To promote medical professional to come closer and follow the responsibilities of their profession very dedicatedly.
  2. To help in fulfilling the actual need of doctors and physician in the lives.
  3. To create awareness campaign among the students to get aware about the roles, importance and the precious care of the doctors.


Doctor’s day is celebrating on 1july. This day is celebrated in the memory of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy in order to pay honor to the entire medical profession. Doctor’s day in India was established by the Government of India in 1991 to be recognized and celebrate every year on1st July Doctor Roy was honored with the great Indian civilian award called Bharat Ratna.


Similarly in our school we celebrate doctor’s day on 1st July 2015 at the time of assembly. One of our teacher Mrs.Jayashree presented some slides in front of students regarding different stream of medical sciences she shared information with student on Ayurveda, Allopathic, Homeopathy and Unani.

International Yoga day


To provide students healthy way to express and balance their emotions.


  1. To enhance focus, concentration, comprehension, and memory.

  2. To improve posture, assisting students to sit comfortably for long period.
  3. To develop a strong and flexible body.
  4. To relives tensions and stress.
  5. To reduce anxiety and stress.
  6. To promote a overall sense of well-being


Yoga is invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. The tradition is 5000 yrs old. It embodies unity of mind and body thought and action. It is not about only exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the

World and The nature. By changing our life style and creating consciousness, it can help us deal with climate change. Let us work towards adapting an International Yoga day- Shri Narendra Modi UN, General assembly. International day of yoga was celebrated on 21 June after given recognition by United Nations general assembly. It was done after the calling of our Indian prime minister worldwide, 170 countries celebrated the day. It is celebrated by organizing the activities like yoga training camps, yoga competitions and many other activities to enhance awareness about yoga benefits.


Similarly in our Jaywant Public School we celebrated yoga day on 21st June 2015 in the campus to create awareness among our young students about the benefits of the yoga. The students and teachers, principal and parents participated enthusiastically. For the purpose of yoga training Mistress Rajani Lokhande was invited. She is a system administrator at 3A composites India Mumbai. She also has lots of knowledge about fitness and training.

She discuss at great length about importance of yoga with our students. She demonstrated the techniques of yoga and it was followed by our students and teachers. She told us about Pranayam, Kapalbharti and about many asanas. It was indeed a helpful session for all of us and it was decided by students to do yoga daily. The duration of session was one and half hour. Later our sport teacher Mr. Pritam Misal also encouraged and continued with students.

Sports Day(2014-15)


  1. To inculcate the importance of sports and fitness in our life

  2. To create the importance of sportsmanship.

  3. To develop an ability to observe, analyze and judge the performance of self and peers in sporting situations.

  4. To develop self-esteem and self-confidence through positive sporting experiences

  5. To provide a release for pupil in order to refresh for academic work.


“All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

This proverb highlights the importance of playful activities in our life.

Most schools arrange for ‘Annual Sports’ once every year. This event usually occurs during winter season.

The sports teacher helps and encourages students to participate in the ‘Annual Sports Day’ function of the school. Students participate in various competing sports activities. The various sporting activities include flat race, hurdle race, cycling, high and long jump, etc. The participating students display their ability through these sports. The winner of these games gets a sense of pride.

Sports help improve both physical and mental strength. Our body remains fit and healthy. Our school gives more focus towards sports. Our sports day was held on 27th November 2014. The chief guest was Mr.Pahelwan DattaGaikwad, Maharashtra Kesari & Mr. Pradip Shinde, International player in kick boxing. All the students participated actively in sports Day program. Various competitions were organized for the students .We honoured those sportpersons who contributed their life for sports.

Mr. Nikhil Alhat

Mr. AbhishekShinde

Mr. RuturajBargaje

Mr. VisheshPandhe

Mr. Abhijeet Parse

Different Houses of the School had displayed Demos on different Themes-

Red House – Unity in Integrity

Green House – Go Green

Yellow House – Save Girl Child

Blue House – Water Conservation

These all above players had played Handball at all India University level. The players were felicitated to promote the sports and games at national and international level. Many demos had been showed by the students like Silambam, Human Pyramid etc. This programme would not have been a huge success without the support of our sports teacher Mr. Pritam Misale. His great efforts & dedication towards his work made the programme successful & memorable.

We conclude with the famous saying, “Winners win, winners lose, but winners play”.