Sports Day celebration

“When you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a player.”

Sportsmanship is all about while it’s great to excel in sport, dance, theater, arts , science or whatever else interested you , it is even greater to, excel in character. And practicing sportsmanship in your activities is a wonderful way to do first that!

Then you can become the best, You can be not first in your but in your life as well!

And our school gives more concentration towards sports. Our sports day was held on 27th November 2014. The chief guest was Pahelwan Datta  Gaikwad Maharashtra Kesari & Mr.Pradip Shinde International player in kick boxing. All the students were participated in sport Day program various competition were organized for the students like,   we are honoured those sport person who have contributed their life for sport.

  1. Nikhil Alhat
  2. Abhishek Shinde
  3. Ruturaj Bargaje
  4. Vishesh Pandhe
  5. Abhijeet Parse

Different Houses of the School had displayed Demos on different Themes-

Red House – Unity in Integrity

Green House – Go Green

Yellow House – Save Girl Child

Blue House – Water Conservation

These entire players had played Handball at all India University level. The players were felicitated to promote the sports and games at national and international level. Number of demos has been showed by the students like Silambam, Human Pyramid etc. This programme would not be succeeding without our sport teacher Mr. Pritam Misale. His great efforts & dedication towards his work made programme successful & memorable.

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